how to be a good neigborLiving with a neighbour who blasts music intentionally and gives you snide comments and dirty looks is a nightmare that has no end as neither your neighbour nor you are going anywhere anytime soon.
Life in an apartment with bad neighbours can be miserable and stressful.
You see them every day. You hear them every day. You live next to them every day. So it’s worth a try to build a good relationship with your neighbours so you don’t have to spend the rest of your life in your apartment with anger.

First Impression matters
Building a good relationship with your neighbours should start from day one. When you move to a new apartment, make sure to introduce yourself to your neighbours. Ask some basic questions from them and share a little about yourself.

A smile and a greeting.
Greet your neighbours with a simple “good mornings” or a “Hello!” when passing by. And keep in mind a simple greeting is enough. Don’t try to gossip or ask too many questions about your neighbour’s life.

Keep your noise down
Just because you feel funky and want to listen to some loud music doesn’t mean that your neighbour upstairs having a nap and the next door kid who studies for an exam enjoy your music in the same way you do. So, whenever you are having conversations or playing music make sure to maintain the volume reasonably.

Be cautious when throwing parties
Apartments are not the best places to throw parties more often. Living without throwing a party within the whole time you are going to stay in that apartment is not possible. Inviting your neighbour to your parties is a good option to avoid the ‘party noise complaints’. If you are not comfortable with inviting them to the party make sure to inform them about the possible noise prior to the party.

Don’t use your neighbour’s parking space
Though they are not using their parking space, your neighbour pays for that space. So, don’t use your neighbour’s parking space.

Your pet has to be a good neighbour too
You love pets. But everybody doesn’t like animals. So, if you own a pet train them to be a good neighbour as well.