HOW TO DO A NEIGHBORHOOD RESEARCHAn apartment in a great neighbourhood increases the value of your home and sells faster when you are ready to move. Whether it’s a lifestyle upgrade or an investment, no one want to regret over their apartment choice later.

When you find an apartment in Sri Lanka  that fulfils your desire, next thing you should find out is that how great is the neighbourhood. In this post, we at Coral shares clear steps on doing a neighbourhood research.

Step 1-Identify your needs

Make a clear list of your requirements considering your current requirements, future plans, your living standards and your personal lifestyle preferences.

Step II -Start your research

To conduct a good research you need information with accuracy. Here are few ways to find the most accurate and updated information about a neighborhood.

1. Look for signs

Are the bus stops and trains are easily accessible? How about the traffic? Are there well-established shops and stores which is a good sign of a solid economy and established community? Here are few other things you can use to measure the quality of the neighborhood.

  • Temples, churches and mosques
  • Garbage bags on the streets
  • Clean pavements
  • Children playing in parks or roads

2. Ask

This is the most effective way to find answers to your questions but only if you ask from the right person. For this, you can directly approach few of your future neighbour as they are the people who experience the same living experience you are going to experience in the future. Having a small snack from a nearby restaurant and talking with the waiter or reaching out a friend or a family member or a friend of a friend who lives near the property are also a great ways to find information.

Step III -Investigate 

You should not just rely on other’s recommendations along when you are investing in an apartment. Spend time around the property at different times of the day (especially at night) and have a clear idea about the traffic, nearby streets and other issues of your concern.