8 THINGS YOU NEED TO CONSIDER BEFORE BUYING AN APARTMENT 20 aprilAlthough buying an apartment for yourself is one of your big dreams come true and gives you a sense of freedom, the decision comes with a lot of responsibilities which require a lot of consideration.
If you are someone who is interested in buying an apartment in Sri Lanka, keep reading this article to find out 8 things you need to consider before buying an apartment.

Your budget

Before anything, decide the budget you are going to allocate for buying your dream home-the first and most important step of buying an apartment.


When you invest in an apartment in Sri Lanka, you cannot ignore the importance of the location. Make sure the place you choose to live is close to the facilities you require, such as transport, hospitals, retail, schools, work..etc.

Your requirements 

Finding an apartment that satisfies your exact requirements such as size, the number of rooms, facilities and amenities of the apartment will lead you towards a wise and regret-free decision in buying an apartment in Sri Lanka.

Your future plans

How long will you be able to live in the property? Will the space enough when you become a family?  Your investment will be a waste if you will have to move to another place within few years.

Security measures

Safety and security is a prominent factor you should consider before buying an apartment in Sri Lanka. Can any stranger walk into the building? Are there any satisfactory security systems in place? And most importantly research about the safety background of the neighborhood.


Parking your vehicle on the road or in a nearby place in not safe and you might find it troublesome in the long term run. If you own a vehicle make sure the apartment building has enough space to park your vehicle.

Builder credibility

Having a good understanding about the builder of the property will reduce the risk of your investment. So, find answers for how old is the building? Who build the property and the nature of their reputation as a construction company, if you are serious about buying a specific apartment.

Legal verification

Never think twice to hire a good lawyer specialize in real estate matters and get a good advice regarding the legal process of buying an apartment.