apartment living is for you 18 aprilApartment living is one of the new real-estate trends in Sri Lanka. On the other hand, living in an apartment in Sri Lanka has a list of advantages that benefits the modern busy life and offers you all the facilities at your doorstep.
Yes, Life in an apartment is easy, trendy and comfy. Yet everybody won’t fit for the block lifestyle.
Here are 6 signs that show apartment living in Sri Lanka is the right choice for you.

Aren’t a social butterfly
If life without throwing a noisy party every weekend is something you can survive, apartment living is right for you. Because apartments are not the perfect place to throw parties as you only share a thin wall with the people living next to you.

Concern about your safety
Safety of you and your family is your number one priority. You need no bugler, beggars or salesmen reach your front door and prefer to have extra security measures such as a security camera system in place.

You are a minimalist
You appreciate a life in style with the minimum amount of items and you are good at de-cluttering what you don’t want. Since an apartment doesn’t have a lot of space having minimalist qualities is a clear sign that apartment living is right for you.

Noise is not a problem
Hearing your next door neighbour’s late night arguments and listening to the hard rock music, your upstairs teenage listening to don’t annoy or make you angry.

A big no to maintenance
You don’t enjoy fixing a leaking pipe or a sewage blockage.
You don’t have time. Or you don’t have resources. Or simply you don’t enjoy maintaining and repairing your home. If this is you, apartment living is the best option for you.

You are not a Gardner
You love looking at flowers and plants-but never enjoy gardening and babysitting plants. Or you admit that you are busy and you don’t have time to maintain a garden doing all the weeding, planting and watering and to check for any mosquito breading water sources once a week.