coral-plus3-pngApartment Living Tips in Sri Lanka

Despite your love for apartment living and its advantages, life in an apartment comes with a unique set of hassles. Here you’ll find 4 major Sri Lanka apartment living tips that can help you reduce the hassles of living in an apartment opening doors for a more stress-less life.

Find the perfect place.

Buying an apartment is an investment of a life time. Investing in the right place after identifying your exact requirements will lead you to make a decision, you are never going to regret.

It might take weeks of researching, few gallons of fuel and several visits to different places. But with a little bit of patience, you’ll spot the one you’ve been looking for this whole time.

Make It Feel Like Home.

When you buy it, it’s just a ready-made room bound with four white walls. Customizing your space according to your personal preference, by adding personalized decorations, can turn any cold and boring space into something more interesting and cozy.

For this, you can use personalize photos and artworks, carpets of your choice and other decorative accessories and give your space an instant homier look.

Furniture matters.

Furniture plays an important part in transforming the space you buy into a home. Apart from the size, edges, lines, fabrics, colours and prints are few other factors you have to consider when you are investing in furniture.

Here are few other tips to keep in your mind when buying furniture.

-Always look for small pieces.
-Invest in multi-functioning furniture (Select a table that can use as a dining table as well as your office desk)
-Always lay furniture parallel to the wall so you don’t waste the space in the corners.

Be smart with storage.

Storage is one of the most frustrating tasks of apartment living other than handling noisy neighbours. So, start thinking smart and find creative ways to store your stuff. Here are few ideas for you.

-Raise your bed and hide few boxes under it
-Hidden storage-It may be under the sink or under the staircase.
-Vertical storage- Invest in ceiling-high shelves and racks.