make your apartment look biggerThe most popular ways to make your small apartment look bigger – Part 2

To reiterate a tip given in Part 1 of this blog, another important factor to consider when attempting to make the apartment look bigger is the furniture. The most popular space-saving furniture everyone should rightfully consider are: hidden storage, multi-functional small apartment furniture such as apartment-size sofas, seating, bookcases and multi-tiered items. Furniture can be both wood and plastic as long as they are movable.
It is important to use unconventional hidden storage such as hidden drawers, under-bed boxes and cupboards. For example, we can create more space in the kitchen area by fixing drawers underneath the kitchen table or the dining table. We can use them to place cutlery. To camouflage this extra layer of wood/plastic, we can use a beautiful lace table cloth!

We can use the empty space under the beds and fix drawers to store important items which would otherwise need considerable amount of space. These could be washed clothes such as towels and bed sheets/ extra pillows or even just night attire. We can buy these drawers from ample renowned shops everywhere.

We can even have hidden storage of containers or drawers inside stairway steps! E.g., a drawer can be built into the last step of the stairs to store footwear, etc. It can be used to store folded umbrellas, extra floor mats and rugs, etc. These would otherwise take unnecessary and valuable space. This could however, mean we have to do some renovations which may not be practical if you are living on rent.

Multi-purpose furniture clears a lot of space and unclutters the apartment. For example, it’s a good idea to use the inside of the study table as a drawer where we can keep our stationary, etc. For this purpose we can buy a ready-made table that can open up the lid of the table/desk to reveal a drawer that can be used to store items pertaining to work or study.

Also, it’s a good idea to buy sofa-beds and other retractable and foldable furniture such as tables and chairs. These should be flexible enough to serve the purpose of enhancing living space. Why not consider even a couple of balance-seat-balls to tag along the apartment and sit wherever we want. This would obviously mean we could reduce the need for unnecessary chairs. For example, we can use the seat ball while working at the study and then carry it to the living room to watch TV!

Sometimes we don’t have enough space to keep our books and souvenirs. For this purpose we could place / construct a (temporary) bookcase in the middle of two rooms and use it as a partition. If our kitchen doesn’t have enough space to hold cutlery and crockery, then we could use the other side of the structure to hold the kitchen-wear. Thus, this structure serves as a triple purpose gadget: partition; bookcase and a pantry cupboard, which would save a considerable amount of precious space.

In addition, we can also use many tiered or multi-storied items such as tiered fruit and vegetable baskets, clothes racks, closet storage boxes, food containers and shoe racks to organize and enhance our “lebensraum” without much effort

                                                                                                                Editor : Wathsala Rosie Fernando – Wolvert Digital