TOP REASONS TO LIVE IN AN APARTMENT part2Apartment living also means the costs are lower than owning a house. Gas and electricity bills are less costly due to the reduced amount of space. This is because of the smaller floor plan. Also, you will be motivated to get rid of all unnecessary clutter and keep only the necessary items due to the small space. This could be a good practice.

You can enjoy living in the heart of the high-end trendy city life without the cost of owning an overly expensive house there. You can also have access to all the facilities one would need and want. Most developments are built in successful and booming communities. This includes amenities like easy access to public transport, restaurants, shops, entertainment, etc.

Surprisingly, apartment dwellers could be healthier than those living in houses. Because of the compact space in apartments you might be encouraged to go out for walks, to jogging tracks, to the nearest gym, getting some fresh air and exercise. Not only will you be physically healthy but you can acquire social skills when you make friends while you stretch your legs. You’ll be driven to socialize and seek entertainment outside the home.

You won’t have to think too much about security in your apartments as you know most apartments come with secure entrances, CCTVs, and intercoms. You might be able to get alarms fixed inside your own apartment as well.

Lastly, it is important to reiterate how easy it is to leave any major maintenance issues to the big man. If you need to get things fixed you just have to inform the relevant party and it will get done. This is a hassle anybody can do without.

All in all, I hope you are rightfully informed about the perks of living in an apartment. Now it’s your call! It’s definitely worth the investment. Trust me. You won’t regret!
                                                                                                      Editor : Wathsala Rosie Fernando – Wolvert Digital